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Apartment Acquistion & Disposition

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Apartment Development

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High-Density Urban Infil Development

100 Dwelling Units per Acre

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Residential Land Development & Home Building

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Office Buildings

Hotel E Austin TX

Hotel / Hospitality


Our database of Investor, Buyers, Sellers and Debt sources grows weekly. With a concentrated effort Hanover and our select network of local real estate professionals over the last 20 years have cultivated our current database that contains about 8,000 contacts in the US; 1,000 in Canada; 150 in Europe and 100 or so in Asia. We constantly reach out to these companies and individuals to stay on top of who is actively investing, buying, selling and developing.

This gives us the ability to approach property transactions with a very selective target of potential buyers. These prospect know we work hard to send only opportunities that would be of interest to them at the current time. This enables us to receive prompt feedback.

We rely on prompt accurate communication to our prospect and back to us. As a matter of policy we give higher priority to those who try to respond in 72 hours or less than to the groups and individuals who treat communication with less attention.

Sellers want feedback fast and regularly on interest levels.


Buyers want answers to questions without delay so their resources are used efficiently.

Facilitating communication is the service we specialize in.

We are very experienced with handling transactions that need to be discreet and confidential.



To see our list of some of our opportunities that are sorted into the following categories click this link.

  1. Operating Mutlifamily Assets
  2. Multifamily Development Opportunities
  3. Condo or Multifamily Development Opportunities
  4. Land Development and Home Building
  5. RETAIL - Exisitng Assets and Development Opportunities
  6. HOSPITALITY - Exisitng Assets and Development Opportunities

This is not our complete list. This list does represent the variety and depth of our experince.

Contact: Joe Richter 949 677-7722
Roland Loelkes 949 274-6474