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600 Lot Residential Community's Clubhouse


"Home" is what we have done throughout our careers here at Hanover. Each member of our team has been in the residential development and building industry for more than 2 decades.

Always focused on the customer, committed to service, dedicated to quality.

The evidence of this passion is seen in the recognition received in the national publication 'Profession Builder Magazine' in the spring of 2000. The article starts out '...Orange County Calif. homebuilder Joe Richter is setting standards for quality and service the whole industry would do well to emulate..." Link to Article.

Our principal received the accolade but it was the commitment of senior team members, especially Charles Kluger, who executed the team's values.

The result is CREDIBILITY with our buyers, subcontractors, peers and financial partners.


Relationships with subcontractors and our buyers and renters are important because efficient operations are profitable operations. Profitable operations make investors happy. We have long term, close relationship with many institutional investment houses, high net-worth individuals, private family investment offices and REITS. The minimum equity investment our partners pursue is typically $10,000,000 but we can go as low as $5,000,000.


We have delivered in excess of 10,000 residential units over the last three decades. Comprised of custom homes, single family production homes, Condominiums and apartments we have worked with densities at more than 100 dwelling units per acre. On our Completed Projects pages you will see a small sample of the projects we have taken from acquisition to delivery to the home owner or asset purchaser.