The Castle on Holly Street, Laguna Beach California

31123 Holly Drive

This is the first home we built and sold after moving to California from New England

Considered an unbuildable lot because of the steepness, we built a 5500 sf home with commanding ocean views. It was 112' from the street to the ridgline of the roof and 108 steps up the front walk to the entry door.

There is a wood-framed circular stair case inside the turret. The entry door is 4' wide and 10' tall.

112 feet from street to ridge line
Original Rendering zoom on Entry Turret and Front Door
Elevations prepared to add the turret with an elevator on the right side and an apartment over the garage
Front and side elevations from working drawings
Zoom on entery door 4' wide 10' tall
108 steps from street to front door
left half of house
Right half of house with elevator turret addition and apartment over garage
Circluar Staircase
Dining room rendering
36 year old mortise and tenion garage doors
Right Side and Rear Elevations