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600 Lot Residential Community's Clubhouse

Completed Projects - Master Planned Communities & Land Entitlement

Over the years we have entitled thousands of lots. More than we can count but certainly in excess of 15,000

Most of our efforts have been spent on the enttilement of communities that become Single Family Residential (SFR) neighborhoods. Largely composed of SFR lots, they also include condos/townhomes components, multifamily parcels, parks, open space and even golf courses.

The image below perhaps best represents the most complex entitlement and grading project. It is in San Juan Capistrano California.

The entitlements took amost a decade and included several lawsuits with the city. The grading was quite complex. The soil expansivity was defined as 'critically expansive'. The hillside condition was significant. We had to terrace the Over-excavation up the hill in someplace removing as much as 90 feet of soil and then recompacting it. To get the 400th certificate of occupancy we had to complete an Eminant Domain proceeding to extend the primary street (La Novia) through adjoining property to the freeway. Then we had to improve the On & Off ramps to both the north bound and south bound lanes to/from Interstate 5.

In all, for just one section of the project, the 503 lots seen at the top right in the photo we moved 8,500,00 cubic yards of dirt.

Lomas San Juan, San Juan Capistrano

1,150 residnetial units, a golf course and all the ammentities of a master plan community

Lomas San Juan Master Plan in San Juan Capistrano California