Hanover Development

Newport Beach


Entitlement of 10,000 residential lots; Building of 10,000+ homes and condominiums; Extensive apartment development and condo conversion experience.

Nationally Recognized for Quality

Professional Builder Magazine: “...Orange County Calif. homebuilder Joe Richter is setting standards for quality and service the whole industry would do well to emulate...".

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

30 years of buying and selling residential development land, apartments, office buildings, golf courses and hotels.


Infill Development

From Downtown LA (DTLA) to Seattle to Portland Oregon to the Irvine Business Corridor we are fully versed in product, market demand, market constraints and market costs.

Financial Analysis

Our strong suit is financial analysis, no one goes deeper into the details or time, costs and management influence than we do.  The Argus suite of products and superior Excel skills make us second to none in the competitive world of acquisition, development and disposition.  


Whether its an infill apartment development in DTLA or Class A office acquisition in the Bay Area, we can get you where you want to go.  Our team is fully capable to take your dream project or core business plan from the board room to the show room and on to the operating asset or disposition your business plan defines.

Custom Homes - New Build & Remodel

Development & Brokerage

As builders we have direct experience with the need to ‘buy right’. The primary factor to do this is to ‘buy with knowledge’.  Knowing every aspect of the property or asset, to effectively balance the risk / reward equation requires thorough due diligence and knowledgable forward planning.

As an owner and manager it is most important to have access to the human and system resources and to understand process to be able to manage time to reach the targeted returns on any investment.

We are better brokers because we have been tested in fire as buyers and sellers, owners and operators.

We promise to treat your sale or purchase with the same respect, honesty and thoroughness as if it was a purchase or sale for our own portfolio.

Veloci Aparments

Residential Development

Residential Development, custom and production homebuilding, and apartment development in densities up to 300 units per acre represent the business we have been engaged in for three decades.

During that time, we have had the opportunity and pleasure to be involved in every type of development opportunity. 

Buying a piece of dirt and getting it entitled, designing the lifestyle and matching products to the market, attracting investor capital and delivering the final product to end-users has been our lifecycle.

In San Juan Capistrano we took a 1300-acre site through the legal process to extended customer service periods and made our mark in the industry.  Comprised of planning areas A, B, C, D, E & F and a golf course the land became a community of 1100 homes.

Yosemite Valley

Mixed Use Multifamily

A distant cousin to residential development is the apartment development, apartment acquisition and condo conversion business.

The obviously differences to most is the density of the development.  The construction challenges, concentrated cost basis and more stringent entitlement factors and life safety issues do require a different set of development disciplines.

The financial perspectives are quite different.  A home builder is going to look at high leverage to get the highest margin and possible IRR.  An apartment group will be looking at the long-term value of their money and have will set a much lower IRR hurdle than the home builder and need a higher cash on cash return.  The appartment developer will also be looking at several other key metrics such as a Build to CAP, NOI, debt coverage ratio and may focus on market position defined as core, core plus or value add. 

We understand the business. 

Hotel Lobby


Buying existing assets such as office buildings, hotel, resorts and golf courses present entirely different opportunities when compared to residential development.

We have been fortunate to make the successful transition into the commercial business. At an early stage in our careers.

Our investors, buyers and sellers are sophisticated professionals.

Class A office buildings are perhaps our favorite transaction to be involved with.